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There is a stunning difference between a business that has a smashing online presence and one that does not.

Companies like CNN, BBC, InfusionSoft, ..., all know the benefits of having an online presence

Our Global Village – a term that has become sort of a cliché, and if you have not been observing the trend then you are losing out on so much than you know.

You may be doing well in you brick and mortar business, but you are leaving a lot of money on the table by ignoring your online presence.

Soon enough this opening will be exploited by cybersquatters who are aware of the high profitablity of taking your business name and registering a domain with it. This leaves you cold to settle for a less prominent domain name which may not be your direct and desired business domain name.

Embrace digital marketing and you are not far from attaining unexpected leaps in sales and marketing leads.

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